How to use solid conditioner bars

Part of an all-natural lifestyle usually means acclimating to new foods, products, values and processes. One of the first natural products people usually try when changing over from traditional products, are shampoo and conditioner. This process is often met with an adjustment period as your hair detoxes and adjusts to the new ingredients and process.

Using solid shampoo and conditioner is a bit different than using over the counter big brand options. For starters, they are solid and require much less product than using liquid versions.

One thing I hear most about the conditioner is it is greasy and hard to wash out. This is because it is highly concentrated with an abundance of premium oils and butters that nourish and moisturize your hair. The conditioner encapsulates your hair as it soaks in to the shaft.

If you are not extremely careful to ensure it is rinsed out entirely, it can leave a heavy feeling to your hair and a greasy appearance (because grease is fat).

Our conditioner bars are made with a variety of plant based oils (fats) that are complimentary to hair and will not leave residue or strip the oils from your hair and scalp.

So what is the best method of using a solid conditioner bar?

Very simple.

Use BEFORE you shampoo.

Step 1
Wet hair with warm water and gently rub your palm across the solid conditioner bar as you would turn a bar of soap in your hand. One full turn is more than enough.

Step 2
Rub your palms together with a bit of warm water from the shower.

Step 3
Rub your palms over your hair, starting at the bottom and working your way up to your scalp.

Step 4
Wash your body as usual and allow the conditioner to soak in to the hair shaft as you shower.

Step 5
Run your hair under the shower to re-wet. Wet your solid shampoo bar and rub it through your hair to create a lather. Rinse with warm water. Repeat if necessary to ensure conditioner is rinsed from your hair.

Step 6
Style as usual. If you have especially dry or fly-away hair, consider using a natural conditioner spray for detangling.

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