Hello! Thank you so very much for visiting me here at Wise Oak Soapery! My name is Kara Vogt and I’m the owner of this business (as well as soap/natural product maker extraordinaire). I really appreciate you taking the time to learn about why I pride myself in making the purest, exceptional quality homemade soaps and natural products possible. In essence, I started Wise Oak Soapery because I know, first-hand, how life disrupting it can be to suffer from debilitating skin conditions.

My personal journey to this business started some time ago now, shortly after my son was born. Things, didn’t go quite to plan in those early years…

Unfortunately, my son developed terrible eczema combined with terrible skin irritations. To witness, on a daily basis, my tiny child endure the pain of dry, cracking skin, eczema and dermatitis was distressing. To find that no matter what I did, or what expensive, commercial product I purchased seem to make his skin worse. It not only broke my heart, but it also nearly emptied my wallet.

After trying all the commercial products out there to no avail, out of desperation, I started to undertake research to see what I could do to help him.

What I discovered during my research horrified me! I learnt that commercial products soaps, shampoos and lotions absolutely wreak havoc on our skin. I felt awful knowing that I’d been buying all these products (many quite expensive) and instead of helping him, I was inadvertently potentially causing him further harm. All those chemicals, detergents, additives, artificial perfumes… No wonder he had cracking, weeping, dry red skin!

I decided that this was not good enough for my child (and by default, it was also not good enough for me). I was a woman on a mission – I was going to try my very best to do something about it. This decision turned out to be the moment Wise Oak Soapery was born. I just didn’t realize it at the time.

You see, rather than having a business venture in mind, I started making soap to support my child on his journey to clearer, healthy skin. I practiced making soaps. I read up on every single topic. Research, studies, findings, recipes. You name it, I devoured it! And then I kept making soaps (joined later by other products), using the best quality natural products I could find. Until I developed the perfect recipes…

From my research and experience I committed to myself (and you) that, unlike commercial soaps, I would use only the best quality, natural ingredients. Unlike commercial soaps, I completely eliminated the use of detergents. And (it may seem like a little thing to you, but trust me, it was a big thing to me…) I made sure I left the glycerin in the soap to ensure it was as moisturizing as possible.

[Side note: Did you know – and I felt quite mad when I discovered this through my research – many large-scale commercial companies will often remove glycerin from their soap products. Why? Not because glycerin is bad. Quite the opposite! It’s a beautiful product that really helps our skin. They remove it because they can then ‘sell’ the glycerin as a separate commodity. Who cares about if our skin becomes dry and irritated, right?]

So anyway, I started small, making soaps for my son. I used them and found over time his skin improved. The weepiness stopped. Cracked skin healed. Redness subsided. It got better. And better… Until one day, just like that, it was healed. He had baby soft skin, just the way it was meant to be.

I didn’t have to sell my product – friends and family were noticing the changes in my son’s skin. They wanted to experience that as well, so started asking for me to make soaps for them too. And guess what? They began using the soaps and then THEY also started experience glowing, healthy skin.

Over time, the demand for my soaps became so strong, I realized I needed to go bigger. And so I formally launched Wise Oak Soapery, with my mission being to ensure people can also access these quality products. Because I know my products can help; I’ve seen it with my own eyes. I really mean it when I say I am on a mission to support other people by making these products available. People like you.

Thank you so very much for taking the time to read my story about how this venture started. I look forward to supporting you also experience the benefits of healthy, glowing skin. If you have any questions about my products, please don’t hesitate to contact me – I’d be delighted to help. You can reach me at wiseoaksoapery [!at] gmail.com.
Kara x