5 Tips to Surviving Winter

5 Tips for surviving winter:

• Apply skin protectants such as lip balms and body balms
prior to leaving the house. This will protect your skin from the harsh outdoor elements.

• Boost your immune system at the first sign of illness: elderberry juice, zinc lozenges and boost vitamin C.

• Eat whole foods such as lean proteins, vegetables and fruit. Eat the rainbow to ensure consumption of all necessary nutrients.

• Get plenty of rest with proper sleep and times of relaxation.

• Reduce stress as much as possible to keep your immune system running more efficiently.

Remember to slow down and schedule plenty of time to get from place to place with out it being hectic and stressful. Stress kicks in adrenaline and in turn increases cortisol levels, making you hungrier and prone to overeating and making poor food choices later.

Woman outside in the snow with a hot beverage
Surviving winter

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