From misery in autoimmunity to loving the skin I’m in

When I look back, I can say that there were always hints that something was off inside my body. This became apparent as I went through puberty. The skinny, yet muscular, little girl was quickly disappearing. I began to struggle with weight and maintaining energy, but before that, as a child, I struggled with depression and anxiety.

At 9 I was afraid I was going to die in my sleep.

My parents sought counselling but because I was so young, no one really paid attention. I mean, I was 9 and had not traumas in my life other than a father who worked hard and was away at times defending our country.

As I grew older, I began to struggle with irritability and anger. Again, there was no real reason for it, other than I figured this is just who I was. My personality simply sucked, I thought.

As a young adult, I began to have physical symptoms of autoimmunity although I had no idea what it was. I was always tired even if I got 10 hours of sleep. It was as if I had none. I muddled through the day, struggling with weight, killing myself exercising to lose weight.

Yet, I gained.

Then the abscesses started. Embarrassing abscesses. I must be plagued with staph. That was the only explanation. I was clean and showered daily. This was not a hygiene issue.

Then I started to worry I would spread the staph. I noticed they would come and go but it was when my son was born (who ultimately had horrible eczema and lead me on yet another path to help him in any way that I could), I was secretly so excited that I would get a huge load of intravenous antibiotics that would finally kill my staph.

Yet, it didn’t.

I was devastated. I cried. I had no idea what was wrong with me. It was then that I took my health into my own hands because doctors would not listen and just made me feel gross. It was then that I found Tara Grant, aka Primal Girl. She had the same experience as I did and she found it was POTATOES that caused the abscesses. As I read more and more I discovered I have Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS), aka inverse acne. From there, I learned I also had fibromyalgia, Sjogren’s syndrome, and ultimately hashimoto’s thyroiditis – the core issue with my entire body. (This is also when I learned eczema was also autoimmune. I now had more power to help my son.)

Yes, indeed, my immune system was attacking my thyroid. After official diagnosis, I went back to studying Tara and eventually found Sarah Ballantyne, aka The Paleo Mom.

Her book and her research saved my life.

However, although I was finally losing weight and my abscesses were gone and I felt like a human and was not depressed, I still had brittle nails, dry itchy skin and was losing some hair.

I went back to the drawing table and learned there are chemicals in many commercial products that affect our bodies – what we put ON them is just as important as what we put IN them. I was still bombarding my body with chemicals, toxic ingredients and synthetic hormones.

So, I sought “natural” products and although the issues improved, they did not fully dissipate. With further research, I discovered many “natural” products still had many toxic or synthetic ingredients.

It was then that I researched and began to develop and make my own self care products. I was thrilled to see hair growing back, soft skin and healthy nails. I shared my products with others and they experienced a difference as well.

This has been a lifelong journey and I am glad I have been able to discover my core and learn to live with what my body needs. Deep down, I am happy I was chosen so I can help spread the word.

To your health and well-being,
~ Kara x

2 thoughts on “From misery in autoimmunity to loving the skin I’m in

    1. Thank you! It has been a long road but I am so happy we are doing much better and are able to help others as well. <3

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