Use clove and cinnamon natural remedy for a toothache

Recently, I battled with a toothache that severely hindered my ability to eat, drink or even just sit.

Going into the cold air would send a sharp pain into my jaw.

Talking made it worse.

It seemed any disruption to my teeth wreaked havoc on the pain.

At first, I couldn’t tell where the pain was radiating from. Tooth pain is a beast all its own since you can feel pain in one area but it is coming from a completely different spot.

After a day or so, I was able to determine the pain was radiating into my lower right jaw from a tooth I had filled YEARS ago and had now somehow become infected.

I really didn’t want to go for antibiotics due to the issues even one round can cause on the digestive system and gut.

Naturally, I turned to tried and true natural remedies and it wasn’t long before the pain was completely gone.

Now, I use these remedies daily to keep the pain and infection away:

  • Morning and evening brushing with Uncle Harry’s Cinnamon Toothpaste & Miracle Mouthwash
  • Morning rinse with diluted peroxide. Mix a splash with 2 tbsp water and rinse for 30 seconds. Rinse with water. Do not swallow.
  • Morning and evening application of Clove Bud Oil drops made by mixing 2 ml olive oil with 4 drops clove essential oil. Apply 1 drop to the affected are and wait 10 minutes before eating or drinking.

Clove oil contains the active ingredient eugenol, which is a natural anesthetic. It also has been found beneficial in treating infections. Cinnamon has been found to work in a similar manner.

Have you tried using clove to help a toothache? I’d love to learn about your experience. Leave a comment below!

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