Are you tired of dry itchy skin that won’t go away even with the best lotions and moisturizing body washes?

Even though they say they’re for dry itchy skin?

Me too!

Look, I was there for a very long time.

I even resigned to the fact that I was just “dry.”

Dry hair. Dry skin. Dry scalp. Dry hands. Dry feet.

You get the picture.

However, it wasn’t me.

You heard that right and I’ll say it again.

It wasn’t me.It was inflammatory foods and skincare products.

By pairing healing foods and natural skincare regimens, I was able to:

  • soften my skin
  • grow shiny, silky frizz-free hair
  • go barefoot
  • show off my hands
  • renew confidence in my appearance

Although learning which foods specifically caused issues for me and avoiding them, it somehow didn’t take me full circle.

By formulating my own natural soaps and shampoos, I was able to fully recover.

  • my skin’s natural oils weren’t being stripped by detergents causing further eczema and contact dermatitis
  • I was no longer putting harmful, toxic chemicals on my skin and hair
  • I was no longer using toxic synthetic fragrances that flared my asthma

I’m offering these very same products for you to use and enjoy.

  • natural oils and butters including coconut oil and cocoa butter
  • high quality, potent, high purity essential oils
  • nontoxic exfoliants including organic cane sugar and ground coffee

Imagine having more confidence and be in the moment without having to worry about that itch or that dry skin you don’t want anyone to see.

With healthier, more balanced skin you can:

  • Wear your hair in an updo
  • Wear less makeup (or none at all) * Truly be in the moment

To learn more about Wise Oak, follow the link to the shop.

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